Working Your Way to Catalina

Four day cruise on board Californian a "working" vacation

Working vacations are in these days, but you have to be careful calling sailing on board a 145-foot schooner "work." 

Sure, you'll be setting the sails, hauling the lines, taking your turn standing watch and maybe even getting your hands on the helm for a spell -- but is it really work or more a labor of love?

You can take advantage of this rare opportunity over the next couple of months. The San Diego Maritime Museum's Californian has scheduled three overnight trips. On two of them, you'll spend three nights on board the state's "Official Tall Ship," sailing from San Diego to Catalina Island and back; the other is a 10-nighter up through the Channel Islands, retracing a bit of the voyage of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 when he discovered San Diego Bay.

Space is limited and you should note that while you usually get paid for your efforts, this time around you'll be paying for the pleasure of working, learning and exploring on board the Californian. Click here for more information or to book passage on this rare sailing adventure. 

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