Woman Found Dead at Sunset Cliffs ID'd

The county medical examiner's office said the woman found dead below Sunset Cliffs on Sunday was San Diego resident Kristan Stephanie Wagner, 41.

A passerby on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Carmelo Street in Ocean Beach saw Wagner on the jagged rocks below and called 911.  When lifeguards reached her, she was already dead.

Local residents said surfers were near the area at the time. 

"My friend was actually surfing and he said that he saw dust after he heard someone scream.  And he looked and saw someone on the floor," said Thor Johnson who lives just a few blocks from the cliffs.

Lifeguards said there were no witnesses to what happened to Wagner but there may be some clues. 

"There is a strange cut on the other side of the guard rail there, right where she was down below.  I'm not going to draw any deductions but that's where she was found," said Lt. Greg Buchanan of the San Diego Lifeguard Service. 

Wagner's body was found 60 to 70 feet below the street.  The County Medical Examiner estimated the time of death at 1:40 p.m., similar to the time the body was discovered. They determined she died from multiple blunt force injuries.

A crane was used to lift Wagner's body up to Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

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