Wine Lovers Rejoice

Robert Esparza

The one thing I look for when visiting a new place is something unique -- something that separates the establishment from the everyday options that are out there. Well, I found something very unique -- in North Park.

I almost don't want to tell you all about it so the place isn't packed when I show up, but Splash Wine Lounge deserves to have their name yelled from the mountaintops so all can hear. Their self-serve vino machines disperse one ounce of pure happiness at the push of a button.

You read that correctly, “self service”.

These are their exact instructions:

1.) Head to the bar to purchase a card for any dollar amount that you choose.
2.) Get your glass from above or below one of the tasting machines.
3.) Select a wine from one of the machines.
4.) Insert your card into the machine housing your wine selection.
5.) Hold your glass under the selected spout.
6.) Press the button above your selected spout.
7.) Taste your wine.
8.) Repeat steps 3 through 7…

With up to 72 different varieties of the beloved grape juice for you to choose from, a return visit (OK, many visits) is a must. To add to this, their flatbread pizza is delicious. Did I mention they also have 4 different types of extra virgin olive oil in the same machines? Ask for some bread (free with olive oil purchase), dip and enjoy.

Looking for a place to take a date? Maybe you’re planning a bachelorette party? This is the place.
Splash Wine Lounge
Address: 3043 University Avenue  San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 296-0714

Happy Hour: Daily from 4 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. / Sunday from open to close

Try their $3 menu. Choose from select house wines and menu items like Mini Caprese (fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil), Veggie Plate (carrots, celery, tomato and pepper served with hummus), Bruschetta (3 crostini topped with fresh tomato, basil and garlic), White Crunchy Crostini (3 crostini topped with parmesan and an artichoke-pesto-spinach mixture) and a Cheese Plate (3 selections of cheese served with bread). You can also save on Splashes with $25 tasting cards for only $20 and 10% off bottles of wine.

Daily Specials: Sundays are fundays! Happy Hour is all day long from open to close.

Thursday's you can enjoy 1/2 price beer (read $4 Chimay Blue) with purchase of any flatbread pizza. Limit 2 beers per pizza (Click here for more information)

To Do's: Enjoy something new and unique for a change!

Menus: dinner & late night dining (after 10 p.m.)

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