Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen Sends Cancer Survivors to College


Will Ferrell teamed up with his favorite charity, Cancer for College, to create the ultimate fundraising product – Will Ferrell Sunscreen. With 100% of sunscreen sales benefiting the charity, nearly $200,000 has been raised for Cancer for College in just two years. 

Cancer for College began as a business plan that Craig Pollard wrote in class while attending University of Southern California. As a two-time cancer survivor by the age of 20, Craig vowed to make a difference in the lives of other young people affected by cancer.

With the help of his long-time friend and fraternity brother, Will Ferrell, Craig and Cancer for College have awarded over $1 Million in scholarship funds to cancer survivors from all over the country. In 2010 alone, the charity received over 1,500 applications from deserving cancer survivors who needed help paying for college. Most of these students have exhausted their families’ savings plans in order to pay for medical treatments and procedures which are often not covered by insurance. Unfortunately, Cancer for College is not able to assist every student who applies. With additional exposure and fundraising, Cancer for College hopes to one day have the means to provide financial assistance to every survivor who submits a scholarship application.

Now in its 18th year, the charity hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the country. Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen products continue to be a great source of year-round fundraising for the cause and also serve as a reminder that sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. In addition to the Cancer for College website, Will Ferrell’s Sunscreen is available nationwide in surf shops, boutiques and online novelty stores.

This story was nominated for the CLASSY Awards, recognizing the top philanthropic achievements across the country. To view other achievements, visit the CLASSY Awards Achievements Page.

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