Wild Winter Wonderland

So many people tried to get up to Mt. Laguna to see the snow this weekend it caused major traffic jams.  Michael Mays and his family hit the road very early Sunday morning, hoping to beat the rush.

"One of my brothers is highway patrol and he came up yesterday and he said the line was really long.  It was standstill coming up the mountain, part of the road was closed," Mays said. 

The Mays went for some family fun and they're clearly not alone.  One little boy had two plans for the day.

"Go down the snow with my sled and throw snowballs at my brother," Jack Degrasse said.

Younger brother Austin didn't back down. "It's going to be right in your face," he told his brother.

Whatever your skill level at snowball fights, sledding or driving, remember there's only about six miles of public access to the snow on Mt. Laguna so plan accordingly and avoid any future snow jams, Officer Brian Pennings said.  He says any time the CHP sees traffic on Mt. Laguna getting too thick, they will close the area off to make sure emergency vehicles can get through if they need to.

Chains are required to be carried by people traveling on Sunrise Highway.

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