When Coffee To Go Just Isn’t Fast Enough

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If your morning coffee routine isn’t instant enough for you, you may want to try Starbucks new VIA Ready Brew instant coffee.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew has hit Starbucks coffee houses and they want to know what you think.

According to Starbucks, this is not your ordinary instant coffee that tastes flat and lifeless. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew is different, full-bodied and flavorful, just like the Starbucks coffee you know and love.

The coffee has been micro ground in a way that preserves all of its essential oils and flavors and the famous coffee company said this step is what makes all the difference.

“When people think about instant coffee, they think of lower quality,” said Starbucks employee, Salvador Leon. “This is not the case [with VIA Ready Brew], since the only thing that makes it instant is that we micro grind it. It doesn’t have extra chemicals. It is still the same standards of quality of the regular coffee, but it’s instant.”

“Helpful times to use the instant coffee,” said Leon, “are times when you’re in a hurry and you want to have your coffee ready to go without having to make the run. You can even take it camping.”

So did the instant coffee win over die-hard Starbucks coffee drinkers? Starbucks put on a taste testing to find out. Customers, unknowingly, tasted one of Starbucks’ normal drip coffees, the Pike Place roast, and the VIA Ready Brew.

Here are their reactions:

  • “I don’t usually like instant coffee. It is fantastic! I can taste the difference, but the instant coffee is better. It’s smoother and doesn’t have an after-taste, which most instant coffees do.”
  • “I thought [the instant coffee] was good, but I could tell the difference between the instant coffee and the regular. I don’t think I would ever order the instant coffee.”
  • “I thought it was good for instant coffee, but I can definitely tell a difference. I like the regular coffee from Starbucks a lot so I wouldn’t switch to the instant. I treated them both equally by putting cream and sugar in each, but I still did like the regular coffee better.”

Have you tried it? We want to know what you think. Leave your comment below.

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