What's in Your iPod?

Its a cool, breezy late Friday morning in Carlsbad. The rains are coming, but in the meantime, people are out and about enjoying the blue skies - while they last.

They're jogging, walking their dogs, reading a book, getting a quick bite to eat. And many of them have earphones on, listening to something!

The curiosity has gotten the best of this reporter and so I just had to ask: "Hey, what are you listening to at this EXACT moment?" Here are 10 responses.

Colette Hollohan is listening to Van Morrison's "Back on Top."

John from Vista - "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne.

Haley Tice of Vista - "Halfway Up" by Clint Black.

Angela Asay of Vista - "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.

Cathy from Carlsbad is listening to "Endless Love" by Diana Ross.

Sean Breen of Carlsbad is listening to the movie soundtrack of "Once."

Matt from Carlsbad - "Say It Isn't So" by the Outfield.

Manny is listening to Celine Dione's "Because You Love Me."

Liz Hicks of Carlsbad - "She's Too Fat For Me" by Franky Yankovic. By the way, Liz tells me Franky is in the Polka hall of fame!

And Liz's husband Stormy is listening to some Doo-Wop: "Maybe" by the Chantels.

There you have it. What will you be listening to this weekend?  Post your comments below.

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