‘Whatever We Have, They'll Take'

Charger fans were celebrating Sunday’s victory over the Washington Redskins and were looking forward to the next game in two weeks, but they're not the only ones happy about the team's success.

The people at Sports Fever in National City said sales for Chargers gear are already strong compared to last year when the Bolts were struggling to get into the post-season.

“This year, we're 13 and 3 now, we'll say San Diego is a fickle town,” Drew Lewis said, “So to have a winner is a good thing for us and things have been a lot busier.”

A string of 11 straight wins has Bolts fans feeling the momentum and they are willing to shell out the money to support their team.

“As opposed to the Colts, they win all year, they go into the post-season losing games and you have the Chargers lose a few at the beginning come in strong to the playoffs,” Christian Eggers said.

That kind of confidence has Eggers wearing his Chargers gear in a hostile Denver environment where he lives.

“I got a Chargers flag at my house, wear my Merriman jersey over my ski jacket when I go skiing.”

With fans crowding the store after the game, Lewis said retailers are likely to benefit in the coming weeks.

“That's what we're hoping for and to be honest expecting. It gets to be a point where it's the last minute, where it's just grab and dash, whatever we have they'll take.”

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