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The Arabia by We Are Handsome
We Are Handsome

BATHING BEAUTY: As bathing suit season nears, so does the age old question: one piece or two? Two pieces can be a little too revealing for some ladies, while one pieces can be more comfortable, but have a nasty habit of looking matronly or prude.

One way to opt for a one-piece while nixing those subdued undertones is to choose one with unique style. The limited edition handmade suits from Australia's We Are Handsome combine sleek, low-cut, full-coverage one piece suits with colorful retro graphic prints for suits that make a statement in or out of the pool.

Choose from a huge lion print, a majestic arabian horse, vintage bird stamps, an LAX sunset and more. Even if you aren't a one-suit kind of girl, it's worth the few minutes to click over and check out their artistic renderings.

GET IT: For $166 each online. We Are Handsome.

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