Welcome Home, Anya Marina

The former local DJ comes back to San Diego to colorfully seduce the Street Scene crowd

 For the five years she was employed as a local DJ on FM 94.9, Anya Marina worked all day at Street Scene. Now, with a successful album of her own out, and as she tours the country with Jason Mraz and other big names of indie rock, the wiry blonde dynamo is playing Street Scene tonight for the first time.

“I used to interview all the bands,” says Marina, who will drive down to San Diego today for her 8 p.m. set at the downtown music festival. “We’d spend all day in an air-conditioned trailer, and [music director Mike] Halloran and I would try to sneak out and see some of the shows.”

Marina, whose new album is called “Slow and Steady Seduction: Phase II,” fondly recalls a Pixies show she caught at a Street Scene past, and brings up the year Fergie from Black Eyed Peas allegedly pee-ed her pants while onstage.

For old-time’s sake, Marina hopes Halloran will let her sit in while he interviews some of the other bands. “More than likely, he’ll just bark at me, and want to show off what celebrity phone numbers he has in his speed dial.”

Marina would love to interview Modest Mouse, which plays tonight at 9:35 on the Fulana Stage. “I was set to record a song in Portland with Britt Daniel [of Spoon] and Modest Mouse called and asked if they could have our time,” she says. “They were very nice about it—and they even refunded me for a flight I’d booked. But I love the idea that I let Modest Mouse have my day.”

She inquires what other bands are playing tonight. Informed she will appear on the Green Stage after Canadian electronica group Holy Fuck, Marina pauses for just a second.

“Holy Fuck,” she says. “I’d like to interview those potty mouths. I hear they’re almost as good as Fuck Buttons. Hey, that makes me wonder, has anybody named a band Shit Eating Grins?”

Ron Donoho is a regular contributor to NBCSandiego.com, editorial director of “Pacific SD” magazine and a contributing editor to sandiego.com. His Web site (sandiegoDTOWN.com) is dedicated to news, sports, culture, happy hours and all things downtown.

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