Weekend Rush for Clunker Closeout

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Time and money are running out for people to turn in their old cars for thousands of dollars.

The “Cash for Clunkers” program officially ends on Monday and that means some dealers will have a very busy weekend while others have already stopped offering the deal.

Mossy Toyota in Pacific Beach ended the program Friday night. They said Cash for Clunkers went so well, they need the weekend just to get all the paperwork in order.

"Every single person that we have is in the store and they're working with one customer, two customers, three customers," Mossy Toyota spokesperson Brian Kennedy said.

Juliette Hall's car, which broke down on Friday, is now one of about 270 clunkers on the Pacific Beach lot. She's saving $3,500.

"Knowing today was the last day that we could do this, we pretty much dropped everything," she said.

Nationwide about 450,000 cars have been turned in to be destroyed so far. The $2 billion added just a few weeks ago was supposed to last until Labor Day.

"We're now slightly victims of success because the thing happened so quick. There was so much more demand than anyone expected," President Barack Obama said.

That has created complaints from some dealers that sales are outpacing reimbursement.

"We're probably owed about $45-million at this point," Autonation Chairman & CEO Mike Jackson said.

"It's a great program, just not exactly the best execution from the government," Honda Dealer spokesperson Jeffrey Tamaroff said.

The government is reassuring dealers that they will get their money.

" We have the money, congress provided the money," Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood said.

Staff at Mossy Toyota said that's what they're banking on basking in.

"It's going to help us out, and it's going to end up making the year a great year," Kennedy said.

The general sales manager said they would spend the whole weekend processing the paperwork to meet the government's Monday night deadline.

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