Vegan Recipes For The Meatless Thanksgiving Feast

How to celebrate the traditional Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey

The Thanksgiving feast isn't the same without turkey right? Wrong. What about  those who for religious or dietary or personal preference don't eat meat at all? The number of vegetarians in the United States for example has doubled over the past 10 years to 4.7 million people according to Newsweek magazine.  But  if you search the internet for vegan recipes and alternatives to the traditional turkey you will find a variety  of savory dishes. Instead of turkey, there is the 'tofurkey" , or what about lasagna or shepherd's pie or spanakopita. Desserts are even easier with delicious pumpkin cheesecake or cranberry crumble or pumpkin pie.

And if you happen to have some 'meat eaters' at your Thanksgiving dinner table, you can easily add meat to any of the meatless dishes.

For the recipes of some of the items listed above just click on the name of the food.

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