Vegging Out

Animal lovers don't have to look like fashion haters.

IN A NAME: When you're on the "hunt" for animal-friendly goods, it seems logical to start with a store whose name says it all. All Vegan, that is. Located near the corner of Park and Adams in University Heights, this store carries literature, food, shoes, bags and clothing for vegan shoppers, so you can wear your heart and your dietary preferences on your sleeve. Be sure to check out the selection of $10 shoes and the all vegan chocolate bars.

MAN BEHIND THE MYTH: If your idea of vegan clothing is limited to hemp and pleather, think again. Mythology Boutique in South Park offers stylish, cruelty-free items made by local designers from organic cotton, supple bamboo and other alternatives. The owner, RIchard Fredrick (Rick), also features his funky, handmade belts and vintage buckles, and he's just started displaying a signature line of sexy lace-up dresses. For the herbivore with particular tastes, Rick can also create custom pieces using a variety of earth-loving materials. Swing by now to meet the maker and check out their denim, all of which is 30% off.

GO NUTS: The seasoned vegan wouldn't touch a piece of ivory with a ten-foot pole. Vegetable ivory, however, is a whole other story. San Diego's own Palma Collection has figured out a way to develop ivory-like materials from palm tree nuts, and they are using them to create vibrant necklaces, bracelets and earrings for ecophiles. Their lovely Hossada necklace was recently featured in Lucky Magazine, and it is currently on sale for $65. Grab one to feel good about yourself and your look.

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