Navy Destroyers Return Home

USS Preble pulled into port Tuesday morning

Two U.S. Navy destroyers are returning home Tuesday from a five-month deployment halfway around the world.

The USS Preble is returning, along with the USS Kidd, from trips to the Western Pacific and Middle East. The Kidd and Preble wer kept busy keeping sea lanes open and providing humanitarian assistance.

Hundreds of loved ones were on hand for the Preble's arrival Tuesday, waving signs and wearing shirts welcoming the crew home. The first three men to leave the ship were greeted by their babies, who born while they were deployed. 

Capt. Kerry Gilpin said the mission was a success. Gilpin's two children clung to his legs with tears in their eyes, elated that their father was home.

"My wife and I had an opportunity to have our reunion in Hawaii when we were there but didn't have time to see the rugrats," Gilpin said. "They've grown up a lot in five months."

Liam Gilpin was disappointed his dad missed the entire Little League baseball season but said he was glad his father is home.

The Kidd is expected to return later in the day.

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