Under the Microscope for Bogus Medical Cure

Chula Vista couple accused of selling phony medical treatments for Lyme Disease.

Robert Bradford's bio describes him as a medical pioneer. An inventor whose research has resulted in international honors.

The federal  indictment handed down Friday in Topeka, Kansas calls  Bradford's inventions bogus.  It's  a microscope which Bradford said could detect Lyme disease.  He also claims to have invented an I-V drug to treat the disease.    

The 77-year-old sold the products from a Chula Vista business called American Biologics.  Another San Diego resident, Brigitte Byrd, also worked for the company and is named in the indictment. 

The 25 count indictment charges the couple with multiple counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, and the introduction of misbranded drugs and devices into interstate commerce.

A former medical doctor out from  Topeka Kansas is also named in the indictment. 

John Toth is accused of  using  the microscope and Bradford's so called treatments -- charging patients hundreds of dollars for each procedure. 

 Right now,  Toth is serving 32 months in prison for the death of a woman he improperly treated for Lyme Disease. 

The FDA says it never approved Bradford's microscope or his treatments for Lyme Disease. 

All three  are accused of selling the phony treatments and making nearly four-hundred thousand dollars from 2004-2006.

If convicted, each faces several years in federal prison.

Click here to read the entire indictment.

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