Try on Lashes, Lipstick for Free

New technology promises the opportunity to give yourself a virtual makeover

Get a makeover from your desktop. A new technology developed in La Jolla allows you to upload a photo of yourself and try styles or makeup brands without spending a dime. is a virtual makeover website allowing you to change your look by altering everything from your eye color, your eyebrows or your lip size.

“It’s basically a personal stylist,” said company spokesperson Jami Darienzo. "You can try on different colors or different haircuts."

Users can even select the exact brand name of eye shadow or lipstick from name brand makeup companies like MAC.

“It’s a great time saver and a great money saver,” she said. “It’s a really addicting site.”

We uploaded a picture of a crew member into the system and played around with the tools. It took about 3 minutes to take the image and upload it into the system but once we did, actually performing the makeover was relatively simple. Our only complaint is that the tool consistently terminated the application while we were trying to use it. If you want to play around with it, we suggest you save your changes every step of the way as the site may close you out mid-makeover. If you do create a virtual makeover, send the pics to us at so we can share with everyone!

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