Treasure Troves

You don't need riches to strike shopping gold.

TIME TRAVEL: Being fashion-forward is great, but rather unsurprising. Take a tip from Flashbacks in Hillcrest and Encinitas and consider looking back for style inspiration. They've lined their walls with recycled clothing, bags, shoes and accessories that are hand-picked for their quality and design. Plus, you can bring in your used clothing for a chance at earning cash or store credit.

SWEET E-CLAIRE: If you love vintage clothing but would prefer not to comb through the racks, you can now have your cake and eat it too. Planet Claire on Etsy shares her love for all that is vintage by compiling beautiful garments and trimmings and organizing their lovely pictures online. Though you can't try things on, she offers tips for ensuring proper fit and fully describes any tiny spots or tears. Vintage shopping doesn't get any easier!

GOODWILL HUNTING: Thrift stores are classic spots for finding hidden jewels, but the Goodwill in Downtown has upped the standard for hidden surprises. They recently opened a bookstore upstairs, admirably stocked with fiction, hardbacks, children's books, vinyl records and a bunch more new and used items for $.50 to $20. Not only does this part of the store offer comfortable seating and air conditioning, but you can also enjoy free wi-fi while you visit. Of course, the rest of the store still has great prices on clothing and housewares, and parking is always free.

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