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See where you're going, remember where you've been.

SENTIMENTAL NAVIGATOR: If you're into seeing more of the world through climbing, hiking or biking, you're probably also interested in knowing where you're going while you're out there. While Garmin makes a number of navigational tools for this purpose, the Oregon 550t has some extra-special features that will not only add to your trip, but also add to your memories.

Aside from its pre-loaded topographic maps of trails, rivers, lakes, elevation and points of interest in all of the national, state and local parks and forests, it also features a digital camera that geo-tags your photos. With it, you can figure out how to get back to that one awesome waterfall, share trail and location info with others or simply take a look at how locations change over time.

GET IT: On sale for $499.99 online. Best Buy, (888) 237-8289.

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