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Local artisan chocolates reviewed just in time for Valentine's Day

Wait!  Before you shell out a bunch of cash for another tacky red satin box filled with sub par chocolates for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, a local foodie website has a new list of the best specialty chocolates available at San Diego shops.

The folks at the FoodieView website asked five top local artisan chocolatiers to recommend two of their favorite or most popular bon bons or truffles. Then, a tasting panel made up of chocolate lovers recruited by the website reviewed the contenders.

The tasting panels favorite: the Habanero Marmalade with Tequila Cream Bon Bon from “Bon Bon.”   Tasters said “this stunning piece of chocolate art was as delicious as it was beautiful” and has “nice texture contrast, mild heat, fruity.”

The panel also highly recommends the Corn and Chile Verde Bon Bon from “Bon Bon,” calling it  “smooth sweet taste, very special”  One taster did think the “corn flavor was unusual, kind of smelled like cat food.”

The only other highly recommended treat: the Passionfruit Caramel Bon Bon from Chuao, rated as having “very nice passionfruit flavor, not too sweet.”

The panel did not enjoy the Caramel Curry Bon Bon from Mille Feuille, saying “Yuck!” 

The rankings for the shops worked out like this:
1.Bon Bon
2. Chuao Chocolatier
3. Mille Feuille
4. Guanni (at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market)
5. Eclipse Chocolat

“I think the real revelation here is Bon Bon, a place that I had heard almost nothing about, and looks to be a true destination spot for chocolate lovers. They are really trying to do something ambitious with their chocolate, and the results are wonderful!,” raves the website review. 

For a complete review of all ten bon bons or truffles, you can check out the tasting panels comments on the website's blog.

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