Andrew Johnson

Tony the Hippo Turns One, Zoo Throws Birthday Bash

The San Diego Zoo threw a birthday bash for its one-year-old hippo, Tony, on Tuesday.

After one trip around the sun, Tony weighs in at over 900 pounds, according to the zoo. He’s expected to outgrow his 3,500-pound mother by an entire ton.

The San Diego Zoo held a livestream starting at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday to invite the world into Tony’s home.

During the livestream, the zoo took a walk down memory lane, remembering Tony’s journey, like how he loved eating dehydrated beet pulp as a calf.

Those who came out to the party were able to ask questions and get an up-close look at the birthday boy.

Tony and his mom, Funani, were center-stage in their enclosure for the extravaganza, even though the baby hippo’s real birthday was September 22.

Typically, mothers and calves stay together for two years.

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