Tis the Season … to Get a Xmas Tree

Christmas Trees

With Thanksgiving arriving and departing next week, Christmas is just around the corner.

Picked out a place to get your fir yet? Here's are some places to get your Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving dinner.  

After you bring that tree home, don’t forget to take good care of it so it’ll last all season long. Mission Hills owner Fausto Palafox gave us some helpful tips on how to keep your Christmas tree fresh.
On the type of water in the water stand: “Use hot, hot water to water the tree initially, and use some of the tree preservative to put in the water. By using the hot water, it kind of melts away some of the resins that build up and lets the capillary action take hold.”
Another useful tricks: “Sugar, any of that stuff, that helps preserve it. The bleach is so that the fungal activity doesn’t clog up the capillaries. You’re trying to get the water to be sucked up. Bleach helps in that respect.”
As he lifted back the needles, he exposed the trunk on one tree and pointed to some bumps on the tree to expose the big Christmas tree secret.
“What they call blisters,” he said. “All you have to do every few nights is go through and you pop them and they release the sap. That’s how you maintain the freshness and that scent through the season.”
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