Tips On Staying Safe While Job Hunting Online

More and more people turn to the internet when looking for a new job. But with the convenience of opening your web browser while looking for a new gig comes dangers. NBC 7 Responds has some tips on how you can keep your identity and your information safe.

First and foremost to keep in mind is uploading your resume to employment and social media websites often means your resume is made public. That means be aware of which information, whether that means an address, phone number, email address, that you put on your resume.

Also, make sure that when you do post your resume to a website that the website is reputable.

And, when companies do contact you be sure to vet them before agreeing to anything or sending any additional information. Search for the company online, read reviews to be sure. Look at the email address that the company representative is using. Is it a personal email server or does it have the name of the company in it?

Most of all don't get discouraged. If one turns out to be a scam then keep trying.

"If you want to work, this is the time to jump in the job market," says Phil Blair, executive officer for Manpower West, an online job placement website.

He advises against adding your home address to applications or on your resume.

And, he recommends against using your personal email address even if that means you'd have to create a new one for that specific job.

"There's a lot of information that you don't need to share until you're very serious about accepting a job," adds Blair. "Be careful, have your radar on, and if it sounds fishy then move along."

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