Tiny Dog Set to Be Big Star

A Chihuahua from North County is about to break through as a novelty-calendar star, according to a published report.

Billie Valentine's owner, Debbie Hendrickx of Escondido, is a fashion photographer but put together a series of calendars in past years featuring her dog, the North County Times reported. Family members told her to put together a retail-quality product.

"It was never my plan to make this calendar thing a big deal," Hendrickx told the paper. "My family always liked the calendars I sent them, especially my mom. It gives her something she can look at every day and be reminded of all of us.

"Billie Valentine, Chihuahua Extraordinaire" calendars are available only on Hendrickx's Web site. Read the North County Times story "Local Chihuahua Stars in Novelty Calendar" for more details.

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