This Weekend’s Hottest Ticket

Get ready for the North Park Awesome Fast (not Fest, thank you)

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You won't be able to get passes to this weekend's North Park Awesome Fast. Venue capacities are small so festival organizers had to limit pass sales and of course, they quickly sold out.

The event (no, it's not supposed to be "Fest") will be held Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4-7 and will feature 55 pop-punk and indie-rock acts at Soda Bar, the Radio Room, U31 and the Office in North Park.

The festival will end with a pool party, DJ and good times at the Lafayette Hotel on El Cajon Boulevard. The event's website pleads with fans to treat the hotel and its staff with respect saying "This is not a Holiday Inn!"

The list of bands includes artists the organizers said they just wanted to hear and invited to come. You can see the list here. They hope to make the festival an annual event.

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