This Moment Is Music to Their Ears

Music concert takes on new meaning.

The presidential inauguration is uniting Americans from all ages and backgrounds, including children. 

The Bishop’s School in La Jolla put on a gospel music concert Monday evening.  The musical celebration was planned to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day but students from the Bishop's School in La Jolla said the music had even more significance.

The toe tapping and hand clapping sounds seemed to parallel the excitement of Barack Obama taking office.  Marjorie Lacombe is a Senior at The Bishop's School.

"We’re counting down the hours literally until we see his inauguration.  It's just been something that's captivated school life, social life, everyone is talking about it," Lacombe said.

Christian Ronald, also a senior at The Bishop's School said that the most exciting part for him is, "being a part of history and living in that moment."

More than a dozen students from The Bishop's School sang with the Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles led by music director Byron J. Smith.  The concert was held at the Sherwood Auditorium at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

Smith said the gospel music features themes of love and peace; themes he said are especially meaningful now.

“I think what's going on in this country is being reflected all over the world. So this music and this concert is just so reflective of everything that's going on.  It's just a universal message of hope," Smith said.

The music is rooted in African American history -- a culture that has survived segregation and racial oppression.  But Tuesday's inauguration marks a positive milestone in that time-line.  Some people said it's a pivotal point.

"Just 40 years ago we were struggling and we were trying to achieve something as great as what's going to happen," Lacombe said.

"We've been hearing all the time that the sky's the limit.  You can always do what you want to do.  But with these changes right now those are things that you can see," Michael Wright, a singer with the Spirit Chorale said.

Political views aside, some students said the country will unite in the historical significance of this presidential transition -- a message that Obama has been preaching since his national debut.

Students at the Bishop's School planned to watch the inauguration at an assembly held in the gym. 

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