This Look Like ScarJo to You?


Black Widow, the character the curvy actress is set to star as in "Iron Man 2," will make its debut at Comic-Con this year, according to a site dedicated to such arcana.

"Continuing the series of Marvel Comics super heroines presented in the Japanese Bishoujo style is SDCC EXCLUSIVE: BLACK WIDOW, the beautiful Russian super-spy and member of the Mighty Avengers in her staggering new look," reports "This brand new edition of Black Widow has been specially designed for San Diego Comic-Con with a fresh take on her outfit and hair style."

Scarlett Johansson stunned the "Iron Man 2" crew when she stepped out in costume for the first time. Some critics were outraged when the actress took over the role of the Russian spy in the film sequel, whose director recently Tweeted that when ScarJo stepped on the set for the first time in costume, "You never heard a crew get so quiet so fast."

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