They're Biting

Fans of the popular teen vampire book series "Twilight" lined up for hours outside San Diego theaters to see the sold-out premiere of the movie version.

"It's everywhere -- everybody reads 'Twilight,' everybody knows what it is," said Dakota Turner, a student at Palomar College who showed up early Thursday evening at the Edwards Mira Mesa theaters.  

Turner's friends were holding up a sign when she got there to surprise her on her 19th birthday.

"We were so excited that we bought our tickets, like, three weeks ago," Turner said. "We've been looking forward to this for so long."

The earliest fan arrived at the Mira Mesa theaters at 9 a.m. on Thursday.  All six midnight shows sold out, with an estimated 2,000 shows already sold out throught the opening weekend across the country.

The main draw among the mostly young females in the lines outside the theater appeared to be the star Robert Pattinson.

"He's this amazingly just hot guy, and everyone thinks he's really gorgeous, but he's kind of weird," said Elizabeth Crooks, a San Diego middle-schooler, about the actor and the lead vampire character he plays.

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