7 Bands That Are Great to See at a Bar

Some bands in town just inspire the drinker in us to come out

Let's face it: Everyone loves a good night out on the town. We can all agree that going out to see live music is one of the best parts of being alive, especially if imbibing some tasty beverages is also involved.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s pretty much a known fact that having a cocktail while watching live music can make it even better. We’re not talking getting drunk, but there’s nothin’ wrong with having a couple during a show and loosening up the ole joints. So, as we're prone to do, we’ve compiled a highly scientific list of some of our favorite San Diego bands to see at a bar -- and if we’ve missed your favorite, let us know!

  • Blackout Party: The name says it all. If you’re in the mood for whiskey -- and making out with random strangers -- a Blackout Party show may be the place for you.
  • The Creepy Creeps: The 2013 SDMA winner for Best Live Performers need no introduction. These guys are just incredibly fun to see, and they always bring out the drinker in us. Bottoms up!
  • The Donkeys: These recent SoundDiego LIVE headliners know a thing or two about playing a bar. Last time we saw them, we couldn’t help but do a shot every time they did.
  • Family Wagon: These guys are on the brink of huge things. Their foot-stomping brand of hook-filled rock also goes well with waking up the next morning going, “Why is there a circus monkey on my couch, and was I wearing this tutu the entire night?”
  • The NFormals: This garage-rock trio pops off live like nobody’s business, and we can’t help but make a trip or two to the bar when they’re jumpin’ around onstage. Don't miss these guys.
  • River City: Comprised of members of Hills Like Elephants, Diatribes and Champ, this Americana quintet gets our blood flowing with their uptempo barn-burners.
  • Shake Before Us: If ‘60s mod/garage-rock is your thing, look no further. SBU will always be a great show to go to because they get people to go delightfully crazy.

These are just some of the bands around town that get the spirits flowing, and the people moving. Who else inspires the best drinking in town? Lets us know in the comments below.

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