The Panda Has Some Competition

An adorable little joey who had a rocky start in life needs a name.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is hosting a "Koalapalooza" to help find a suitable name for an 8-month old koala bear who needs a name.
Her short life hasn’t been easy.

Keepers found the little joey on the ground in November. At that point she should have been in her mother’s pouch for another three or four weeks, keepers said. They placed the baby koala on her mother’s stomach and she crawled back into her mother’s pouch by herself.

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She’s doing well and is now too big for her mother’s pouch, veterinarians said. She weighs just over a pound and was born last May.

Just like the baby panda, the zoo is asking for help from the public to name the little bear. The names must be Aboriginal or reflect the Koala's Australian heritage in some way.

The zoo’s keepers will determine five finalists, which will be voted on later this month. The winning name will be announced January 18. Click here to enter your name idea

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