The Indie Place to Be

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In high school, it’s generally obvious who are the “cool” kids and who aren’t. But nowadays, that standard social hierarchy is much more complicated.

So many sub-groups have sprung up as a result of those young ‘uns sick of being classified as nerdy. And for the sub-group of hipster kids, that’s totally cool with them.

The hipster/indie culture is probably even more exclusive than your average group of cool kids.

To be a popular kid in the world of indie culture, you have to know every band that ever existed (and especially the bands that no one knows yet) and get over bands as soon as more than five people like them.

Also, you have to have baggy clothes (and several vests) as well as bangs that cover no less than one eye.

If you’re cool with everything above, then go to MayStar’s Fashion Whore this weekend.

If you don’t know who she is or what Fashion Whore is, you’re not invited, because you’re not cool enough to know. Of course, it will be held in Hillcrest at the Ruby Room.

Expect to see only the hippest of the hipsters dancing with DJ Groundfloor and you better look good because there will be a fashion show and your photo could get put on MySpace. RSVP at for a $5 cover, $7 without an RSVP.

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