The Field: Our Little Bit O' Ireland

Talking with Daniel Drayne makes you want to pull up a stool and order a Guinness. His brogue lets you in on the worst-kept secret that he’s not really a San Diego native.

Drayne moved to California from Ireland 15 years ago and started the search for a spot to open up an authentic Irish Pub.

He realized San Diego’s Gaslamp was “the” place when he noticed the foot traffic from the downtown crowd. “Of course it’s far busier now,” he says.

Now, 11 years later, he’s preparing for yet another St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the heart of San Diego.

ShamROCK 2009 will bring thousands of green-wearing partygoers to the Gaslamp on Tuesday, March 17.

Drayne and his crew at The Field are the official sponsors of the event. Something they’ve done for years now.

“It’s an Irish event. It’s compatible with what we do,” said Drayne. “It’s good exposure for us.”

It’s also a time of reunions of sorts for alumni of The Field. While Drayne has scheduled every available employee he’s got for the special day, past employees return just for the two or three days around the holiday to help out as well.

“We’re just doing a regular St. Patrick’s Day menu,” Drayne said starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday. So skip Starbucks and head to The Field for beer and eggs before work.

When asked about the perception that ShamROCK is just a reason to drink to excess, Drayne hesitated before answering. “I wouldn’t define it that way. It’s more of a party atmosphere. Touch wood over the years we’ve had no problems,” he said.

“Super Bowl is more of a drunken day than St. Patrick’s Day.”

If you head down to ShamROCK 2009, you’ll discover The Field is not inside the event. The main entry gate is at 5th and G. The Field is on 5th just south of Market Street. However, your ticket stub will get you into the restaurant that night.’s has named The Field one of its top five picks for St. Patrick’s night party destinations. So plan on getting there before the event to enjoy some Irish Fayre and start the party right.

ShamROCK 2009 Tickets are $20 in advance/$25 at the door.!

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