The Empress Hotel: Sleeping Dogs Package

The La Jolla getaway offers a host of interesting ways to plan your trip, including one that loves upon your pooch.

ROVER ROAD TRIP: While many a pooch sports a modern moniker these days, there are some pups that keep to the old-school classics, like Fido, Spot, and Rover. If you've got a Rover of your own, either in name or spirit, then you know that he likely likes to, well, rove. Exploring the neighbors' yards, and the park, are of utmost importance to him, and having some daily adventure, too, whether that involves treats, snuggles, or both. But we people also have the love of roving, even if our names don't happen to be Rover (how cool that would be, though, if humans could rock dog names). And roving often takes us on weekend getaways, or quick overnights, to some of our state's prettiest communities, and very often with our own Rover at our side. But finding a hotel that will both accept Rover, and even do a bit of spoiling, can be as tricky as catching a ball, with your mouth, in mid-air. Except, of course, if you're...

THE EMPRESS HOTEL, which not only gives a warm hello to hounds but offers a Sleeping Dog Package. A pet bed will be provided for your little one to snooze upon during her stay, and "a baggie of milk bones" is also part of the deal, as is a "one-time reduced pet fee." As for walkies, and being out and about with your tail-wagger, check it out: The Empress is right in the village of La Jolla, a place known for loving upon pups. There are, in short, a number of streets filled with shops and stuff, and taking your furry one out for an afternoon of strolling, and other people cooing at him, should be part of your visit. But if you don't have a pup, The Empress has...

OTHER GOOD PACKAGES APLENTY... to explore, including a Romance Package and an Extended Stay deal, too. As for what's new at the Greystone property? A "top to bottom" renovation recently wrapped, with a fresh look that's "...evocative of La Jolla" (a look that includes new furnishings and other touches like art work and wallpaper). Photographer Aaron Goulding's pieces highlighting area beaches are displayed throughout the hotel, and the patio on the second floor? That also was renovated, and serves as a lovely breakfast spot. For a peek at the gussied-up property, or to get to know it a bit better, it's this way to the Fay Avenue destination.

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