Last Known Person to See Amber Talks

In an effort to generate new leads in the missing person's case of Amber Dubois, family members and police authorized a re-enactment of the final moments before Amber disappeared. 

A friend of the family portrayed the missing 14 year old as she retraced Amber's steps during the February morning of her disappearance.

Police say it was a typical morning for Amber as she headed to school. 

"Amber left the home a little bit before 7 a.m. and headed down Fire Mountain Place," Lt. Bob Benton said.  "Then she walked southbound on Broadway to school."

Lt. Benton says Amber wore a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants as she carried her schoolbooks in a messenger bag. Just before 7:10 a.m., she reached the fence at the northern end of Escondido High School.

"That's when one of two witnesses saw her," Lt. Benton said. 

The first witness is a man, who is also Amber's neighbor. He was traveling North on Broadway when he saw Amber walking to school and told police it appeared Amber may have been in a hurry because it looked like she was jogging.

Seconds later, a woman who has known Amber for several years, was taking her son to school when she also saw the 14-year-old girl. 

"Basically, I said there's Amber, made notice she was there," Pam Sams said.

Sams is the last known person to have seen Amber before she disappeared. In an exclusive interview, she described what she saw as she passed Amber on Broadway.

"She was just walking with someone, right next to each other," Sams said.  "He was taller than her, dark complexion, dark clothes."

Sams says when she saw Amber and the unknown male, they were only a few hundred yards away from the school entrance.  She says there were a lot of students and parents in the area at the time.

"I'm dumb-founded as to why only two of us saw her, I don't understand that," Sams said.

Investigators say if Amber had made it to the school entrance, she would have been recorded on a surveillance camera that sits on the corner roof of the school gym.

Sams wishes she had looked more closely at the unknown male who was walking with Amber and believes he is the key to solving her disappearance.

"I wasn't really looking for details, I just happened to pass her and I knew it was her because I used to take her to school," Sams said.


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