The Costume is Everything

Suiting up for Comic-Con is an event in itself

Comic Con 2010
Monica Dean

Have you ever thought about the planning and preparation that goes into all those wild costumes at Comic-Con? Suiting up is an event in itself.

A “Shadow Trooper” we talked to explained that when he's suited up he's someone.

"It's like being a celebrity everybody wants to take a picture with you," said Kent Georgi.

We spotted another man carrying his wig into the convention. He was going as Guy from Streetfighter 4.

"To be honest, I commissioned this from China," Craig Juan said about his costume.

After hearing that we had to get a look -- wig and all. Wow.

Costumes for a 7 and 4 year old weren't designed in China -- but they were custom, with a little help from Ebay.

"They picked who they wanted to be and mommy made the costumes," said father Rod Bates.

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So who were they? Firestar.

"It's from Spiderman and his amazing friends," said little Katie Bates.

"It was a hard time finding the right boots, the right this, the right that, but I think they turned out really good," said mother Diane Bates.

Another head turner was the Laura Croft look-alike. The outfit was simple, but she says looking good in it took weeks on her Bowflex.

"Yeah that's right, got the guns ready!" Rebecca Johson said.

Among a pack of storm troopers was Linda Crispien, who says she gets looks when the helmets come off.

"Usually a double take or if they hear me speaking. I try not to speak because I don't want to give it away. But same thing, it's a woman!" Crispien said.

The best part about the costume?

"People actually get out of your way when you're in armor," Crispien said.

If your costume includes a weapon like a sword or battle-ax, you can take it into the convention but you must get it inspected at tagged and the "Weapons Tagging" booth upon entry.

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