New Bare Essentials of SFO Security

If you thought a good 'ole airport pat-down was invasive, just wait until you get a load of the new security measures going on-line at SFO on Tuesday.

The Transportation Security Authority rolled-out its new Millimeter Wave Full Body Imaging,  which is a fancy way of saying body scanner.

Here is the basic procedure: You step into a container the size of a photo booth and extend your arms as if you're about to take flight.

Things "whir", data flies through the air and suddenly an image of your pre-flight pose beams on to a monitor in a small room close by.  Only the image is you naked, in a fuzzy, photo negative sort of way.

TSA says the new system is an alternative to old fashioned metal detectors which can't find plastic explosives, flammable liquids or fresh fruit contraband you may have taped to your torso.

Certainly anyone aside from a devout nudist would object to this immodest display.

TSA reps say they have considered that. That's why your silvery nude image has a blurred face. And the guy looking it over in the little room has no way to save, send or print the image or see what you actually look like with clothes on.
You also have the option to skip it altogether and go through the metal detector.

If you don't like it folks, blame the terrorists.

Although the Bay Area is often the leader in things involving nudity, SFO is the 20th airport to get the new technology.

The new pilot program will determine whether it will eventually replace metal detectors at all airports.

Oh in case you're wondering, TSA says the scanner emissions are ten thousand times less than an average cell phone call.

It's just another sign that in this age of terrorism, with big brother looking over your shoulder or under your clothes, there's one more reason to renew that gym membership.

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