The 4th Brings Every Walk of Life to San Diego

Practice your best human call and bust out those binoculars.

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We asked our Twitter followers to tell us the best places to people watch over the holiday weekend here in San Diego and these were our top picks. @Kris_cunningham tweets that the patio at Hotel Del is great for simultaneously relaxing and observing
La Jolla Shores is truly a San Diego gem. @LaJollaBlueBook tweets that La Jolla Shores is by far the best place to see smiling faces and surfers rippin' through waves.
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Whether you're at the top of the Giant Dipper or sitting on a bench at Hamels and the Boardwalk, @SDdiverPaul think Belmont Park is the perfect place to people watch.
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@JunkMD tweets that the Pacific Beach boardwalk is a must go to do some serious people watching. We're sad to say the rollerblading bumblebee has officially gone into retirement.
There's bound to be a plethora of excitement at the Mission Beach Boardwalk. That's why Kristian_Torres tweets that the Mission Beach Boardwalk is the place to go for some entertaining people watching.
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The Gaslamp is a melting pot of diversity. Our Twitter follower, @MichelleinCal thinks the Gaslamp is just the spot to people watch over the holiday weekend.
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To observe all walks of life, @Humantomtom says Seaport Village is the hot spot (especially if the cruise ship is in town!)
@SheratonSuiteSD Best place to "people watch" is coronado island without a doubt! They do Independence day right!
If you are in need of a protective wall and some delicious food for your observing comfort, @ErinKnowsSD tweets that World Famous in Pacific Beach is where to go to watch people this Independence Day.
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The beach seems infinite in San Diego and you are bound to find somebody worth watching while you celebrate the 4th. @Jiliz01 tweets that the best place to people watch on any holiday weekend is the beach!
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