The dangers of text messaging while driving are serious.

Researchers at Virginia Tech say drivers who text take their eyes off the road longer than they do when talking on their cell phones -- putting them at greater risk for a crash.

"You can't concentrate on the road when you're too busy looking down and up," said Antoine Adams of La Mesa.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found texting behind the wheel increases the risk of a crash by 23 times. Compare that to a six-fold increase by simply dialing or talking on your cell.

"I've seen people do it. I did it once and I'm not going to do it anymore I think it's very dangerous," said driver Roshanda Hall.

A survey released Tuesday from the Automobile Association of America reported 35 percent of drivers feel more unsafe on the road today than 5 years ago. Distracted driving was the most popular reason that those surveyed gave for their concerns.

California Highway Patrol officers believe there's just as much texting as cell phone use while driving -- but it's harder to enforce.

"Since Jan. 1st we've written approx 1300 cell phone violation citations and approx 20 text violations," CHP Officer Brad Baehr said describing the statistics for the San Diego office alone.

Drivers surveyed as part of the AAA study also said they consider texting and emailing drivers as big a safety threat as drunk drivers.

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