Temecula + Your BFF: Oak Mountain Dog Day

Show at the winery for Wag Your Tail Wednesdays.

RUFF, ER, ROUGH DAY? Your pup knows how you feel the moment you unlock the front door. Perhaps you get in your comfies, perhaps you take a bath, but the evening is likely going to end with you, a glass of wine, and your favorite tail-wagger draped across your lap. But our hounds are also perfect companions on the non-ruff, er, non-rough days, like those days when we're out doing something delightful, that appeals to our interests and speaks to our desire for sightseeing, adventure, and fresh air. Take wine tasting, for example, and the winery visits. Not every vineyard is open to pooches, but those that are? They go the dogly distance for their four-footed guests. And if you're thinking of taking your four-footed friend out for a winery day, and you're thinking of making it a Hump Day, because, yeah, it's kind of hump, then consider trotting for...

OAK MOUNTAIN WINERY... in Temecula Valley. It's a spot known for its canine affections, so much so that pups are permitted to enter the "Main Tasting Room, outdoor Pavilion area, Cave Terrace, and throughout the Vineyard." Making your Hump Day excursion with your pal all the more memorable? Your BFF will nab a Puppy Meal when you order an entreé in the Cafe Café, each and every Wednesday (aka Wag Your Tail Wednesday). If your little one isn't up for a whole meal, though, note that there are always dog treats in the Tasting Room. A place, by the by, where bottles of wine with dog labels are ready to be purchased. And any purchase of such a bottle means that some of the proceeds will help out animal groups in the area such as Animal Town Sanctuary and Cause for Paws. Woof woof? Oh yeah, woof woof: Hump Days and Temecula adventures and dog-fun outings just took a turn for the sweeter.

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