Teacher Had Crush on Student: DA

Prosecutors say teacher was upset over another girl's posting on student's MySpace page

032709 Adrienne Feistel

Adrienne Feistel not only had a sexual relationship with a former student, according to prosecutors, but she admitted to others that she had a "crush" on the student and was upset when she discovered another girl was posting messages on the student's MySpace page. 

Prosecutors detailed their case in opening statements Monday including a discussion in which Feistel was asked what little boys could do for her, to which prosecutors allege that Feistel replied that she could teach them how to arouse her during sex.

Feistel, 35, faces ten felony counts of lewd acts on a child.  She was at one-time the fifth grade teacher of the alleged victim in the case while she taught at Rosa Parks Elementary School in City Heights.

The victim, now a sophomore in high school, will turn 16 next week. He testified Monday that Feistel put her mouth on his penis and asked him to put his mouth on her breast before he turned 13 in December 2006.

During his testimony, the teenager spoke softly and bounced his legs up and down nervously. The prosecutor asked the teenager to recall his interactions with Feistel while she was staying in his family's home.

The teenager testified that, while Ms. Feistel lived in his home, she came into his room and put her mouth on his penis a total of five times.

In the defense's opening statements, jurors were told this case is all about ulterior motives.

The defense contends the victim's mother, Maria Garcia, was motivated to protect herself from getting in trouble with police and to regain the control and love with her teenaged daughter Brenda when she saw Brenda was seeking guidance from Ms. Feistel.

The defense told jurors Maria Garcia never called the police to report her son was sexually abused but rather, made the accusations the day that officers were called to the Garcia home to question Maria Garcia about hitting her daughter Brenda.

Feistel was on a leave of absence from the school when the relationship started in 2006, and resigned a short time later.  The district would not comment on the charges. 

There’s no physical, medical or DNA evidence to show Feistel is guilty of these offenses, according to defense attorneys.

The teenage victim was expected to testify again Monday afternoon.

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