Tater Tots and Beer Festival

Traveling to-do: Sip a myriad of craft beers while enjoying potato-perfect bites.

SPUDS + SUDS: Look, you probably won't be the person to make a "spuds" and "suds" joke at the Tater Tots and Beer Festival, but that's okay. Make it anyway, for the truth is that rhyming words is still a time-honored way to summon a few smiles among those standing within earshot, and also? Both spuds and suds are pretty tasty, and even tastier together. But a festivals that is bouncing around the Golden State during the late-winter months of 2017 isn't just about any spud, nor any sud, but rather a certain wee barrel-shaped potato produce and top craft beers. Yes, we're not so subtly referring to Tater Tots here, a mid-century noshable created by Ore-Ida. So popular is the Tater Tot that is has come to stand in for potato nugget-type foodstuffs in general, the kind of edibles you throw on a cookie sheet after you've had a long day and need some comfort. And California comfort-seekers who also happen to dig divine brews can make for the...

TATER TOTS AND BEER FESTIVAL... should it show up in their town, or near their town, in February and March 2017. A quartet of southern-ish Golden State cities are on the map, with Los Angeles rounding it all out on the first Saturday in March (that's Saturday, March 4). The brews? They'll be three-ouncers, and eight Tater Tot "creations" will be there for the sampling. One tip from festival organizers? Arrive on the early side to make sure you get to try the full complement of Tot-based bites. For tickets, where-tos, how-tos, and all of the deliciousness that so easily hails from this spuds-suds combo, follow the scent of potato-lusciousness in this delectable direction.

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