Taste of Julian: Historic Town, Modern Grub

Get to know the eateries and flavors of the mountain-sweet charmer.

Taste of Julian

MOUNTAIN-STYLE MEAL-MAKING: There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a know-it-all, if you're know-it-all-ness springs from a good place and the desire to enhance your pals' lives with your know-it-all-o-sity. A prime example is possessing, if not encyclopedic knowledge, than a good handle on nearby getaways and the must-try restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Then when your friend or co-worker says they're leaving town for the weekend, you can puff your chest and share all of the knowledge you have on the place in question. That place, more often than not 'round these parts, is Julian, a quaint-sweet mountain town known for desserts that contain a certain fruit that start with ap- and end in -ple.

AFTER THE APPLE: Everyone who visits the historic Gold Rush era burg has an opinion on where to get the best slice, and whether or not that slice should be enjoyed with a slice of cheese (sometimes) or milk (always) or another fruit should cameo on occasion (raspberries are a good partner to apples). But do the know-it-alls of California travel know their Julian chowing-down apart from the apple pie scene? For example, who serves the most solid sandwiches? Best appetizers? Is there a really crispy and tantalizing French fry along Main Street? 

TASTE OF JULIAN... can let seasoned know-it-alls and aspiring know-it-alls and people who just want to spend a sweet Saturday kicking around the picturesque town, trying stuff, in on a few supping secrets. The Saturday, April 11 happening will cover a wide swath of local eateries, so you'll get the hearty flavors as well as that all-important apple pie. Cost? It's twenty five bucks at the door ("the door"=Julian Town Hall) and local wineries and breweries are joining in, too, along with the restaurants. It's self-guided, but if you want to hop on a shuttle, you can, for extra cash. It's the 7th annual Taste of Julian, by the by, so count on this being one of the town's biggest to-dos outside of its autumn apple-pie-seeking traffic. So if you're a know-it-all, you'll know to get to Julian earlier in the day. And if you are a know-it-all, someone who constantly advises pals on great restaurants in nearby towns, well good on ya. That's a pretty good quirk to have, as far as know-it-alls go.

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