Pedi-Cabs Future on the Skids

Critics want to slam the brakes, Pedi-cabs claim that will kill business

The San Diego City Council has preliminarily approved tougher regulations on pedicabs following the death of a woman who fell from one of the pedal-powered vehicles.

The council voted unanimously Tuesday to amend the city's existing ordinance regulating pedicabs and operators.

Among other things, the revised ordinance would prohibit pedicabs from city sidewalks and on streets with speed limits over 25 mph. It also would establish restricted zones in downtown and beach areas, require seatbelts for pedicab customers and reduce the number of permits for pedicabs in the city.

Some say the changes are long overdue.

"This is a fabulous place to come everyday and peddle around and meet people from all around the world," said pedi-cab driver Pat Moran.

Moran said he loves his job but doesn't like the bad taste some drivers are leaving with customers.

“Like, being charged $90 from Horton to the fish market over here," he said.

Other operators say the new regulations won't solve the problem.

"Harbor Drive, 6th Avenue coming down ball park, F street, we cannot even go from my shop to downtown," according to pedi-cab business owner Ali Horuz.

That alone could devastate his industry, he said. The proposal also calls for a limit of 250 pedi-cabs downtown, meaning he could lose 60 percent of his bikes and business.

"I'm not too happy about that," Horuz said.

The amended ordinance must go before the council for a second reading for approval.

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