Swanky Zenbu Sushi Opens

Zenbu delivers an upscale dining and nightlife vibe the North County coast has been begging for, DiscoverSD.com reported.

Other trendy restaurants and bars in the area frequented by twenty and thirty-somethings include Station Sushi, Las Olas, Yogi’s, Beach Side, and the dive of all dives: The Saloon.

If a group of young professionals craves a chic scene and great food, they’d either have to settle for one or the other, or head south for an evening in La Jolla.

The new Zenbu now offers residents a local spot to see and be scene at home in Cardiff.

Within Seaside Market Shopping Center in the giant space otherwise known as “The Old Yogi’s” Matt Rimel and his partner Thad Benshoof have renovated and divided the space to make room for their two signature San Diego restaurants: Zenbu Sushi and Rimel’s Rotisserie.

This successful duo is a well-known dining staple in downtown La Jolla, and the eateries are quickly finding a happy new home in the up-and-coming Cardiff shopping center.

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