Super Bowl Super Goods

Fun stuff to add to your Super Bowl shindig.

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Keep your snacks organized and festive with this Super Bowl XLIV snack helmet. Dick's Sporting Goods, $65.
If you want a flat screen plasma that will impress your buddies, look no further than the Panasonic TC P54z1. With a 54" display, one inch thickness and wireless inputs, it looks just as cool and expensive as it is. Amazon, $4,500-$5,500.
College Jersey
Trade that baseball cap in for a foam hat that's all team pride. College Jersey, $35.
Streamline your tv-viewing process. This universal remote does it all with a flashy digital display and super-smart touch-button input switches. Crutchfield, $200.
Dog Lover Gift Baskets
Why shouldn't Fido get to party with the rest of you? Get him his own Super Bowl snack set including pizzas, dog pretzels and a bottle of Happy Tail Ale. Dog Lover Gift Baskets, $90.
Football Fanatics
If your little girl is a die hard Saints fan, she won't be able to watch the game without this cheerleader replica uniform from Reebok. Football Fanatics, $32.
NBC 5 News
If you can't get one of your buddies to dress in a mascot costume in honor your party, second best might be one of these fun mascot sleeping bags that your kids will be more than happy to throw on and run around the house. Colts: Football Fanatics, $69; Saints=Fans Edge, $79.
Human Touch
Let's face it: watching the Super Bowl can be a tense experience. Get some relaxation in between goals with a full-body massaging chair that really knows its stuff. Human Touch, $2,800.
Whether your bringing snack's to a friend's house or doing some entertaining of your own, the Orchard Fresh Super Bow Party Pack has nuts, chips, salsa and plenty of avocados for tasty gnoshing all around. Orchard Fresh Gift Baskets, $60.
Get a cold. foamy beer from the comfort of your recliner with the tabletop BeerTender from Krups. Fits most mini kegs, but is especially made for Heineken. <a href="", $200.
Joe's Sports
If you're only watching the Super Bowl so you can catch The Who in a live performance, commemorate the event with this Wincraft Super Bowl XLIV The Who Wood Sign. Joe's Sports, $30.
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