7 Camping Must Haves

A few products that make it easier to "rough it."

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Toilet Paper Carrier: Not only does this bag keep toilet paper clean and dry, it can also help keep people guessing about where you’re going on that long walk to the bathroom. The nylon cord and snap allows it to be hung from a tree, or even around the neck. GET IT: $9 out of stock online but available at Target, Home Depot or The Sports Authority.
Master Mariner™ Stainless Steel 2-Burner Marine Grill : The ultimate in camping. This grill case and components are mirrored stainless steel to prolong its life. There’s a built-in ignition system so no need to pack matches or a lighter. The temperature gauge built inside the lid helps cook those steaks to perfection no matter where you are. GET IT: $499 at Coleman.
Ruff Wear Singletrak Hydration Dog Pack Let your dog carry his water and yours. This water pack for your pooch offers two removable water reservoirs. There are also two external stash pockets large enough to fit a collapsible bowl, leash and pick-up bags. GET IT: $89.95 at REI.
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Oakley's Jawbone lets you swap lenses with minimal fuss. The nose piece pivots. A quick-release lower jaw opens with ease and then closes to lock the lens securely in place. Optimal comfort. Minimal handling. GET IT: $195 from Oakley.
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Cateye Adventure Wireless Computer: For mountain biking in the most challenging terrain, this gadget offers features like reference and home altitude, second bike sensor recognition all in a digital wireless design. It’s rugged enough for off road and elegant enough for sleek road bikes. GET IT: $140 at BlueSkyCycling.com
CamelBak Insulated Stainless-Steel Better Bottle Just bite and sip and the beverage flows through the valve—you don't even need to tip the bottle to drink. Holds cold OR hot products near entry temp for extended periods of time (4+ hours). GET IT: $30 at REI.
ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent : Keep the bugs away with this for up to 12 hours. Powered by a butane cartridge, this unit creates an invisible, odorless protection by heating a chemically treated repellent mat. Covers up to a 15' diameter area. GET IT: $27 at Wal-mart.
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