Suck It Up


SPANX YOU VERY MUCH: Fashion doesn't ask very much of men. There's no need for strapless undergarments, cramping heels, invisible panty-lines or double-sided tape (at least, that I'm aware). All fashion asks of men is that they have decent posture and be in reasonably good shape. Or, at least look like they are.

If the beer and nachos lifestyle has left you feeling a little self-conscious about the way your clothes fit, you'll be thrilled to know that slimming undergarments are no longer just for the ladies. Spanx, a celebrity-slimming favorite, makes undershirts and tanks that are specifically made to trim, tuck and tame men's waistlines.

Since they look like your basic, masculine undershirt, they are great for casual and formal affairs. Plus, they provide extra back support for a posture that is confident and composed.

GET IT: For $55 to $58 online. Spanx.

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