Stunning Reflection of Coastal Culture

Blending sophisticated architecture with nature inspired design and a hyper-local eye on San Diego culture, the new Hotel Indigo introduces an elevated era of boutique hospitality, according to

From the white reef tables to inviting seashell chaises and the aquamarine palette, walking through the lobby guests feel afloat in a gentle wave washing against the San Diego coastline. It’s not by chance that this hotel resembles the San Diego shore in both vibe and vision. Hotel Indigo San Diego is the flagship property for the new Hotel Indigo brand – an upscale boutique brand that delivers an inviting guest experience that reflects the local community.

At the core of Hotel Indigo is the intelligent design driven by the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean ratio (or Phi), a universal constant found throughout nature and art. In using the mathematical principle as an organic muse, the Hotel Indigo design radiates with effortless balance and beauty. In place of sharp edges and ultra-mod angles, signature curved walls and soft lines represent the Indigo brand.

The brand’s Interpret Indigo design platform enables the hotel’s interior and exterior to reflect the community’s character and geography. A stunning reflection of San Diego’s coastal culture, Hotel Indigo features locally-inspired artwork by San Diego artists throughout the public areas and guest rooms.

The hotel’s East Village exterior is home to “Indigo Waters” – local Lisa Schirmer’s 40-foot wall sculpture that mimics the Pacific Ocean’s waves and ripples on the western façade of the hotel between the 9th and 12th floors. Lisa created indigo with 33-hand painted and enameled blue and purple glass panels arranged vertically in Fibonacci sequence. The sculpture soars 40 feet high by 18 feet wide and weighs over 3,000 lbs.

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