Stay in Style Without Breaking the Bank

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"The $200 dresses, I don't even order those anymore."

Michelle Knudson says it is just one of the many pricing changes at Mimi & Red on University Ave. and it's one of the reasons that during these tough economic times, the North Park store is busy on a Saturday.

As you save more and spend less, there's nothing more frustrating than sifting through a rack of clothing and not being able to afford anything.

The recession might mean you have to save more, but it certainly doesn't mean you have to look worse.  That's why Knudson is trying new ways to keep her customers in style without forcing them to break the bank.

This weekend, the store teamed up with clothing brand "Element" to hold a sample sale.

It is Element’s first sample sale at Mimi & Red and shoppers swarmed the store for discounts ranging from 25% to 75% off.

Since Knudson and Rhondda Begley opened the store two years ago, things have changed.

"We've cut out a lot of the high end lines," says Knudson -- acknowledging that people just can't afford it.

She says in addition to special sample sales, Mimi & Red offers a balance of products appropriate for any budget.

Looking for real gold jewelry? They have it.  Can't afford the real stuff?  They have fake gold necklaces that look just as good as the real thing.

From handbags to dresses, everything in the store ranges from $18 to $98 and that includes the jeans; they never sell for more than $80.

Mimi & Red and Element say this won't be the last time they team up for a weekend sample sale.

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