Stars Sell Tangled in San Diego

New Disney Comedy Opens November 24th

tangled still
NBC San Diego

Zachary Levi star of NBC’s Chuck and Singer/Actress Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember, License to Wed) are the voices of the characters in the new Disney movie "Tangled."

The flick being described as a family comedy, is a modern twist on the story of Rapunzel, a teenaged girl locked in a tower by her mother because of her long magical hair.

“What little girl didn’t want to grow up being a Disney princess,” said Moore during an interview at Se Hotel Saturday morning.

She called voicing the part of Rapunzel a dream come true. She also loves that the movie makes the teen an adventurous heroine rather than a damsel in distress.

“Certainly Rapunzel needs Flynn to escort her on this journey, but she ends up saving him more often than not,” Moore said.

Flynn Rider, the dashing young man who accidentally finds Rapunzel in the tower, is a departure from the typical Disney Prince.

He is a wisecracking thief who often uses his charm and good lucks to get himself out of trouble.

Disney producers said they held “hot man meetings” with female focus groups to help them create the ultimate man for the character.

Levi said he was taken aback when first approached about having Flynn modeled after his likeness. It didn’t take him long to change his mind.

“I realized it was only fitting, you know, if they really wanted to have this Adonis come to life in an animated form,” joked Levi.

He said he offered a suggestion or two about Flynn’s looks. “I said give him a little longer hair, I don’t want him to be so close to home people are freaking out about it,” Levi quipped. “Ultimately I think they made the right decision.”

Both Moore and Levi said adults will appreciate the movie’s dialogue which is smart and funny. Tangled debuts in theaters November 24th

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