Sprinkles Unveils 24-Hour Cupcake ATM

Constant cupcake access

Cupcake aficionados, your dream of having easy access to delicious treats has finally come true: Sprinkles Cupcakes now has a 24-hour ATM.

The world’s first 24-hour cupcake auto-mat was recently unveiled in Los Angeles. Yum.

The funky ATM can hold hundreds of cupcakes at a time with eight flavor choices, according to Sprinkles spokesperson Nicole Schwartz.

But what if the ATM runs out of cupcakes? Not likely.

“We do not expect our ATM to run out of cupcakes since it can hold up to 600,” said Schwartz. “While Sprinkles staff is in the bakery, we will be constantly monitoring to ensure it is fully stocked with freshly baked cupcakes all day long.”

The cupcakes cost 50 cents more than they do in the store because they are prepackaged – so it’s $3.50 vs. $4, said Schwartz. Ah, the cost of convenience.

While Los Angeles is the only place to have a cupcake ATM for now, the company plans to expand.

So have no fear, San Diego; Schwartz said Sprinkles plans to place a cupcake dispensary next to the La Jolla location by summertime.

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